How to Avoid Property Tax Confusion

It can be hard to keep up. Property taxes are ever changing in Texas. And yes, we admit that getting information on these rates can be confusing, even when cities and counties are required to publish ads in newspapers every August showing their old tax rates, their proposed tax rates for the new year, and […]



How to Receive a Loan for Your Property Tax Payments

Navigating the tax world can be confusing, especially when it comes to understanding the property tax loan process. But with the constantly rising Texas tax rates, it’s more important than ever to understand your options, our qualification process, and how our plans have helped more than 50,000 customers find a peace of mind. Thankfully, retaining […]



How To Reduce Your Texas Property Tax Bill

Paying property taxes is on no one’s list of fun things to do. However, critical emergency services, school systems, and roadways across Texas are maintained in large part thanks to those tax revenues and the lion’s share of funds come from property owners.



Propel Financial Services Urges 75% Lower Closing Cost Limits on Tax Lien Transfers

Propel Financial Services Urges 75% Lower Closing Cost Limits on Tax Lien Transfers Lower fees will help more Texans resolve overdue property taxes (AUSTIN, Texas) – September 17, 2014 – Propel Financial Services President and CEO Jack Nelson has told regulators in Austin that the state should modify existing rules to make it easier and even […]



Qualifying for a Residential Property Tax Lien Solution

Qualifying for a residential property tax lien is a different process than applying for a credit card. Eligibility requirements at Propel Financial Services, a leader in Texas property tax lien solutions, include evidence of property ownership and a tax bill of at least $1,500.

Property Tax Financing Solutions