Property Tax Help: Lower Your Property Taxes with the Homestead Exemption

Property tax exemptions come in all shapes and sizes. The one every homeowner in Texas should know, though, is the homestead exemption. And with a looming April 30th deadline, it’s even more important you know what it is and how it can affect your annual property tax bill. What makes the homestead exemption so special […]



Property Tax Help: What If You Missed The Property Tax Deadline?

In the state of Texas, property deadlines hang heavy on property owners. And with this year’s January 31st deadline come and gone, penalties and interest for missing that deadline are already growing for those who missed it. There are some exceptions, but for the majority of homeowners in Texas, either you’ve paid your 2018 property […]



How to Understand Property Tax Deadlines

When the calendar flips to a new year it means one thing in the state of Texas – property tax season. Before the glow of the holiday season has worn off, local county tax collectors will be demanding complete payment of annual tax bills. January 31st is the deadline to pay 2018 property taxes. After […]



How to Understand your Tax Bill

The first step toward understanding your annual property tax bill is to know how your county’s appraisal district arrived at the amount they’re requiring you to pay. In Texas, there are three major parts to the property tax system. 1. Your local appraisal district sets the value of property each year. 2. A panel of […]



How to Qualify for the Homestead Exemption

Most Texans agree that property taxes are too high. And although future tax relief appears murky and uncertain, there are exemptions all Texas homeowners can follow to lower the cost of their property taxes. In the state of Texas, property taxes are locally assessed and locally administered. These taxes pay for schools, roads, libraries, police […]

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