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Qualifying for a Residential Property Tax Lien Solution

Residential Property Loan Qualifying for a residential property tax lien solution is a different process than applying for a credit card. Eligibility requirements at Propel Financial Services, a leader in Texas property tax liens, include evidence of property ownership and a tax bill of at least $1,500. The application process is uncomplicated and that helps you get your Dallas County property taxes paid as soon as possible.

The pieces of information that you need to provide to our tax specialists will include:

  • your name as the owner of record
  • the mailing address of your property
  • your phone number and email address
  • the name of your mortgage company if you have one
  • your social security number
  • your date of birth

Property Location

Propel usually prefers to make tax liens solutions on properties that are located in Texas. Our company is led by its founder who studied at Texas schools and practiced law in Austin. His commitment to providing access to the property tax lien process for Texans is deep and long-standing. He is actively involved in the management of all daily operations at Propel.

Balance Due on Residential Property Taxes

Our experience in providing a residential property tax lien solution to any qualified owner of Texas property helps us set guidelines for recommended loan amounts. We set the minimum at $1,500, which may include any interest, penalties, and fees in addition to your taxes.

Initiating the Qualification Process

We understand that you want to move forward as rapidly as possible. The process includes four steps to complete.

  1. Complete a telephone application or request one of our representatives to contact you.
  2. Wait for us to process your account. We are often able to approve an application on the same day we receive it.
  3. Attend a closing at our office or in the comfort and convenience of your home.
  4. Enjoy the relief of knowing that your taxes, penalties, interest, and fees are paid.

Call Propel Financial Services at 800-407-1254 to get started paying your Dallas County property taxes.

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