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It can be hard to keep up.

Property taxes are ever changing in Texas. And yes, we admit that getting information on these rates can be confusing, even when cities and counties are required to publish ads in newspapers every August showing their old tax rates, their proposed tax rates for the new year, and other important figures. Yet, understanding where you are financially with the looming January 31, 2019 property tax deadline is necessary for avoiding foreclosure and sinking further into debt.

Here at Propel Tax, our team of property tax experts is available to help you keep your property, avoid foreclosure, and pay your tax obligation with an affordable monthly payment plan. The process is straightforward and safeguarded by state law. However, we want to make sure you’re aware of your county tax rates prior to coming to us. We want what is best for property holders.

So how do you check for tax rate proposals?

Visit your local government’s website where the information should be posted and check for upcoming public hearings where you can speak for or against the propositions.

Travis County Proposed Rates…

Bexar County Proposed Rates…

Dallas County Proposed Rates…

Harris County Proposed Rates…

Below is a list of important deadlines that each Texas property owner should know:

Aug. 7: The date most taxing organizations publicize certain information, including the effective tax proposals and rollback rates.

Sept. 1: Deadline for a county or city to either publish the property tax rate notice in a general circulation newspaper or mail it to each property owner and post the notice on its website.

Sept. 29: Last day for taxing units to adopt a tax rate for the new fiscal year.

Oct. 1: Tax assessor begins mailing tax bills.

What if you take a loan out with us?

Our loan specialists design monthly payment plans to meet your budget needs and eliminate out-of-pocket, up-front costs to borrowers. All costs therein are financed so that you pay nothing. Additionally, our closing fees are low, and there are no application fees of any kind.

We understand that no two homeowners are alike, especially within the state of Texas. With that in mind, we take time to consider the entirety of your application and customize a payment plan accordingly. For those in a homestead, if you decide to go in a different direction, you’ll have three days to cancel your application and rescind your documents.

Property tax loans don’t need to be complicated. They just need to get the job done and we can help with that. Have questions on proposed property tax rates within your county? Give us a call at 877.324.8445 and we’d be happy to provide you with the resources that you need to in order to have peace of mind.

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