Payment Questions

Q:  When are late fees assessed?
A:  Late fees are assessed once your late fee grace period has expired.  You can find your grace period outlined in the terms of your loan documents.  Your Account Statement also lists the date the late fee will be assessed for that particular month.

Q:  Are partial payments allowed?
A:  Yes, they are allowed.  However, if a partial payment is received, the funds are placed in a reserve account and are not applied until the sum of the reserve equals a full payment.  If your full payment is not made prior to the late fee grace period expiration timeframe, then your account will be assessed a late fee.

Q:  Am I able to pay more than my regular payment amount and pay the loan off early?
A:  Yes.  While you are only required to make your regular monthly payment, you can pay more than that minimum amount if you choose to do so.  If your loan is current, any additional amounts paid will be applied to principal resulting in your loan paying off ahead of schedule.

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