Payment Options

We offer several ways for you to make your payment.  For any online payments or payments made by phone, our online payment vendor, USIO, charges a 2.49% convenience fee on all debit card payments plus an additional $0.30. For ACH or e-check transactions, USIO assesses a $0.50 convenience fee per transaction.  Pre-paid cards or credit cards cannot be used.  Propel does not receive any portion of these fees.  Payments made by check or money order do not incur any additional fees.  Recurring ACH set up by our Servicing Team do not incur any additional fees.

Payment Online

Payments can be made online through the Customer Portal.  If you have not yet accessed the Customer Portal, click here.  If you are a returning Customer Portal user, click here.

Payment by Mail

When mailing a payment, include a copy of your Account Statement.  Be sure to include your Account Number in the memo section of your check or money order.  This will ensure prompt application of your payment to your account.  Payments should be mailed to the address as printed on your Account Statement.

Payment by Phone

Our Servicing Team is available to assist you in processing a payment by phone.  Payments by Phone can be made using a debit card.  Payments made by phone will be assessed a fee by our third-party vendor, USIO, as follows:

– Debit Card – 2.49% of the transaction amount plus $0.30

Call 877-327-0161 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm for assistance.

Automatic Payments

Your account can be set up on Recurring ACH.  Recurring ACH payments are payments you instruct us to automatically process through your bank account at a regularly scheduled time.  Recurring ACH payments set up by the Servicing Team are a FREE service!  To do so, you can download our ACH Form and return to us by email at for the fastest processing time. 

You can also return it to us:

By mail:
Propel Financial Services
c/o Servicing Department
PO Box 100350
San Antonio, TX 78201-1650

Call 877-327-0161 if you need assistance.

Existing Customers

You helped my family professionally twice and I am very pleased with your work ethic….. my experience at Propel SA was excellent.
— Stephen, San Antonio, TX

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