With Propel Financial Services, making a lien transfer is a simple, easy-to-understand way to resolve your property tax obligations. It starts when you make a call to one of our knowledgeable, supportive property tax consultants.

Step 1 – You apply. Call us at 877-689-2117 to complete the telephone application.

Step 2 – We process and approve. We’ll process your account as soon as we receive the completed application and can usually approve it the same day.

Step 3 – Close. We’ll meet to close the transfer, reviewing details and signing the necessary documents. Closing can take place in our office or in the privacy of your home — just let us know which location you prefer.

Step 4 – We Pay Your Taxes. As soon as three days after closing, we will pay everything you owe directly to the tax office.

Lien Transfers

Our taxes were paid quickly and easily. I almost didn’t believe it when they told me they could be paid in a few days.
— Steven, NV

Property Tax Financing Solutions