Our team of property tax experts are here to help you keep your property, avoid foreclosure and pay your tax obligation with an affordable monthly payment plan. The process is straightforward, ethical and safeguarded by state law. In Texas, property owners are able to choose Propel to pay their taxes and help meet their property tax obligations. To submit an online application, please visit us at www.PropelTax.com.

How you benefit from a Propel property tax payment plan:

  • Choice The lien transfer is your choice, not a solution forced upon you by the taxing entity (county, school district, etc).
  • Problem solved Your immediate obligation to the country has been resolved and you can begin making monthly payments to Propel.
  • Protection The lien is transferred to us… no new lien is placed on your property for this specific tax bill.
  • Peace of mind Your property is protected from foreclosure by the taxing entities for this tax bill and County delinquency notices and collection calls stop.
  • Fixed payments Your payment plan has a simple rate, flexible and designed specifically for your situation.
  • Control Puts you back in control of your property — now you have the time and freedom to decide if you want to sell, refinance or stay where you are.

What to expect

  • You apply Call us at 800-407-1254 to complete the telephone application.
  • We process/approve We’ll process your account as soon as we receive the completed application and can usually approve it the same day.
  • Close the agreement We’ll meet with you to finalize the transfer, reviewing details and signing the necessary documents.
  • We pay your tax obligation As soon as three days after closing, we will pay everything you owe directly to the tax office.
  • You pay by the month Your payment plan will allow you to make manageable monthly payments  over the long term.

Next Steps

For additional information on using Propel to pay your Texas property taxes, please call one of our Licensed Originators at 800-407-1254 or submit an application at www.PropelTax.com

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Property Owners

Working with Propel was such an easy process! I wish I had come to them sooner!
— Cindy, TX

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