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Your Commercial Property Tax Lien Solution

Relief from worry about delinquent commercial property taxes is available with a single phone call. Applying for a commercial property tax lien solution is easier than you may think. Propel Financial Services, the largest property tax lien company in Texas, offers affordable plans to help you pay your Tarrant County property taxes.

Propel beats the rates offered by competitors, and you have no out-of-pocket expenses. Propel does not charge application or processing
fees, and there is never a down payment.

Expedited Processing

The process is streamlined for you to qualify for a commercial property tax lien solution to pay your taxes. Our commercial tax division is capable of financing your tax bill regardless of size. Our competitive rates give you an edge that saves money when funds are tight. Our
streamlined procedure frees up additional cash flow, enabling you to create leverage for your capital. As soon as you take advantage of our
program, you start saving money on penalties and interest.


Set aside concerns about a qualifying process that is lengthy or intrusive. The information that we need is basic data that you probably have at your fingertips. As long as the amount you need is more than $1,500 and your property is located in Texas, you have an simple path to
qualifying. Here are your property tax lien qualifications:

  • information about the borrowing entity such as articles of incorporation or partnership agreements
  • corporate tax returns and/or financial statements
  • inspection report
  • property survey and recent environmental survey

Four Steps

With your call to our office, you initiate the application process. One of our tax specialists returns your call and arranges for the receipt of the qualifying documents. We start processing your application as soon as we receive the basic information, and we often approve applications on the same day that we receive them. On approval, we send payment to the tax office in as little as three days after closing. Call Propel Financial Services at 1-800-407-1254 today to get started.

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