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Money on My Mind: Property Tax Lien Solutions Can Save You the Headache

Benjamin Franklin is credited for saying that worry kills more people than work, and that was around 1750. Stress is probably more prevalent today than
it was then, but there are better ways to deal with it now. As a resident of Tarrant County with insufficient funds to pay property taxes, you have a viable alternative at Propel Financial Services, the leading property tax lien solution specialist in the state. Residential property tax lien solutions provide relief from stress for homeowners in Texas.

Getting an Extension of Time

A residential property tax lien solution extends the time you need to produce the funds. When you are approved, Propel pays your Tarrant County property taxes directly to the authorities and sends you a receipt. Your payment plan includes taxes, fees, penalties, and interest so that you have no more worries about your tax bill. The relief from stress of worrying about losing your home to foreclosure lets you focus on your job, your family, and other positive aspects of your life.

Application Procedure

Stress over a complicated application is unnecessary with the streamlined approach available at Propel. If your property is located in Texas and your tax bill is at least $1,500, you are ready to apply for a loan.

Establishing tax lien solution eligibility is a matter of completing a few steps to get started:

  1. Call the Propel office to fill out an application or to request
    someone to contact you. Other than providing your contact information
    and some proof of your identity, you need to include the name of your
    mortgage company if you have one.
  2. Expect a reply from Propel as soon as your application is complete, often on the same day that you submit it.
  3. Attend a closing at the office or other location that is convenient
    for you, and rely on Propel to pay your tax bill within as little as
    three days.

Property Tax Payment Plan

Propel Financial Services offers superior customer service that includes a convenient way for you to repay your property tax lien solution online. Call 1-800-407-1254 to get relief from your tax headache.

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