What is an ROL fee?

“ROL” stands for Release of Lien. Each payoff statement includes a fee for the preparation and filing of an ROL. The fee includes any legal and recording fees for each parcel of property encumbered by the property tax payment agreement. The total ROL fee will not exceed $110.

What if there are multiple transfers on the same property?

If we receive a request relating to a property on which we hold multiple tax liens, we will provide a separate payoff statement for each account or one combined payoff statement.

How long will it take to process the release of lien?

Generally, it takes four to six weeks to process and record a release of lien.

What is the difference between a partial payoff and a full payoff?

A full payoff releases all of the encumbered property from all of the liens described by the tax lien contract and certified statement of transfer.

A partial payoff either releases some of the encumbered property from the lien described by the tax lien contract and certified statement of transfer or it reduces the lien.

What types of payments are accepted to satisfy a payoff quote?

Certified funds (cashier’s checks, wires or money orders) are required.

What if additional charges are incurred after I get the payoff quote?

If charges are added after your initial payoff quote, the original payoff amount may no longer cover the balance. If this happens, we will post the payoff as a regular payment and will send you an updated payoff quote.

What is the mailing address to which I should send a payoff?

Propel Financial Services, LLC
ATTN: Payoff Department
7990 IH-10 West, Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78230