Transfers & Assignments

Tax Lien Transfers and Tax Lien Assignments are options available in certain states that enable property owners to choose a 3rd party to pay their property taxes. The 3rd party and the property owner agree on a payment plan that fits their budget and then the 3rd party pays the property taxes, on behalf of the property owner, directly to the county. The county then transfers a property tax lien to the 3rd party that is eventually released once the property owner repays the 3rd party.

Propel Financial Services has paid over 25,000 property tax bills on behalf of property owners. We are the largest tax lien transfer company Texas and the only bonded company performing tax lien assignments in Nevada. Propel understands that tax lien certificates are a valuable tool for collecting delinquent property taxes, but also realizes that a tax lien transfer/assignment is an invaluable option since it allows property owners to meet their tax obligation prior to a tax lien auction or sale.

If your County or Municipality is interested in learning about tax lien transfers and how this property owner friendly option can benefit your community, please contact Sherry Houston – Client Relations Manager at 210-582-2868 or

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