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Propel Financial Services purchases delinquent property tax receivables from counties, municipalities, school districts and other government entities across the country, providing our government clients with immediate cash to help resolve financial difficulties, preserve job positions and avoid costly collection services.

We understand the sensitivity of the relationship between a government and its taxpayers, so we work closely with the taxing entities to provide solutions that help preserve positive relationships with constituents. Our management team has extensive experience in purchasing, managing and collecting delinquent taxes in the public and private sectors.

If your government is facing difficult financial choices, selling tax liens to quickly generate revenue can be an effective, rewarding option:

  • Receive immediate revenue
  • Avoid the expense of collection services and attorneys
  • Preserve jobs threatened by budget shortfalls
  • Local neighborhoods and businesses stay vital because foreclosure is avoided
  • Keep constituent relationships positive — penalties and foreclosure can be avoided

For additional information about how Propel can help your community through purchasing delinquent property tax receivables, please contact Dale Kocher – Director of Acquisitions at 973-521-8085 or dkocher@propelfs.com.

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You helped my family professionally twice and I am very pleased with your work ethic….. my experience at Propel SA was excellent.
— Stephen, San Antonio, TX

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